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A Celebration of Minnesota Artists and Their Work

Art in This Present Moment is an initiative of the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation that provides support to artists who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color who are changing and challenging dominant narratives through their craft.

The Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation is pleased to announce our fourth round of Art in This Present Moment grantees. We have partnered with three organizations, each of which has selected two artists who will work on a project that responds to something significant to them in this present moment.

This year, we are working with Little Theatre Auditorium, Border CrosSing and Theater Mu.

About the Organizations

We appreciate the following partner organizations for identifying and selecting the participating artists.

Little Theatre Auditorium
Little Theatre Auditorium

Little Theatre Auditorium is an arts-based, artist-led nonprofit organization working to amplify the storytelling of artists and culture-bearers, those from our immigrant communities, and those identifying as BIPOC and LGBTQ2IA+.

Their selected artists this year are John Salgado Maldonado, who will be leading a community ensemble performance called Cimarrón Batucada, and Raul Vazquez, who is producing a murder-mystery-dance-party comedy called Death in Quince.

Visit the Theatre's Website
Border CrosSing
Border CrosSing

Border CrosSing is an award-winning Minnesota-based art nonprofit whose selected artists this year are Ahmed Anzaldúa and Ina-Yukka: Vladimir Garrido-Biagetti and Maria Cristina Biagetti Cortez. Ahmed Anzaldúa is a conductor and pianist who is working on multiple projects, and Ina-Yukka is a mother and son duet that performs traditional folk music from South America and the "Nueva Canción" movement.

Visit Border CrosSing's Website
Theater Mu
Theater Mu

Theater Mu, the second largest Asian American arts organization in the country, produces great performances born of arts, equity and justice from the heart of the Asian American experience.

Theater Mu has selected artists Sara Ochs, a multidisciplinary theatre artist whose project will involve interviewing local generative artists, and Kenji Shoemaker, a Props Designer and Stage Manager who will be producing shows this year.

Visit Theater Mu's Website

2022 Artists

Read Dudley Edmondson Sheds Light on a Fellow Photographer

Dudley Edmondson Sheds Light on a Fellow Photographer

Dudley Edmondson is best known for photography depicting his love for nature, but for his most recent project, he decided to take on a human subject, Walter Griffin.

See the project
Read Immortalizing Moments with Artist Thai Phan-Quang

Immortalizing Moments with Artist Thai Phan-Quang

For Art In This Present Moment, Thai Phan-Quang uses his passions for skateboarding and photography to create an innovative project using photo graffiti.

Watch the video
Read Suzanne Victoria Cross: Exploring Her Story to Help Others

Suzanne Victoria Cross: Exploring Her Story to Help Others

In her theatrical one woman piece, This is How We Stand, Suzanne Victoria Cross explores the ideals of empathy and understanding through storytelling and movement.

Watch the video
Read Sharon Day and Sir Curtis Kirby III Honor Loved Ones through Art

Sharon Day and Sir Curtis Kirby III Honor Loved Ones through Art

Grandmother Sharon Day and her grandson Sir Curtis Kirby III honor loved ones who have passed on by doing a series of ofrendas celebrating the lives they lived.

View the Artists' Work
Read Indigo: A Music, Dance and Video Project

Indigo: A Music, Dance and Video Project

Indigo is a Hmong girl group created by Lucy Vang, Nancy Thor and Alexis Vang, whose goal is to shine light on their community through music and dance.

View the Artists' Work
Read Chief Buffalo Memorial Mural

Chief Buffalo Memorial Mural

The Chief Buffalo Memorial Mural in Duluth visually tells the story of a community and the descendants of Chief Buffalo, remembered as a prominent figure in northern Minnesota.

View the Mural

2021 Artists

Read Broderick Poole

Broderick Poole

Artist Broderick Poole showcases his artistry by shining light on prominent Black leaders through jacket patchwork.

View the Artist's Work
Read about Kazua Melissa Vang

Kazua Melissa Vang

Artist Kazua Melissa Vang uses photography and mixed media art to preserve the legacy of her father and tell the stories of her family and Hmong heritage.

View the Artist's Work
Read Robin Hickman-Winfield

Robin Hickman-Winfield

Robin Hickman-Winfield celebrates the stories, elegance, beauty and talent of Black men and women through soulful dolls.

See the Art
Read The Manidoo Artist Collective

The Manidoo Ogitigaan Artist Collective

The Birch Bark Canoe was created by the Manidoo Ogitigaan Artist Collective, a group of Indigenous artists who work to preserve the teachings, practices and traditions of their people through traditional Anishinaabeg art forms.

View the Artists' Work
Read Thomas Stillday, Jr.

Thomas Stillday, Jr.

Thomas Stillday, Jr. is an Indigenous beadwork artist who mixes unique stitching techniques with a distinct choice of colors to create unique Ojibwe designs on bandolier bags.

View the Artist's Work
Read Xavier Tavera

Xavier Tavera

Latinx in Rural Midwest consists of film and photography from Xavier Tavera as part of an ongoing series about the Latinx community and their unique historic tie to American land.

View the Artist's Work

2020 Artists



Artists painted a mural that aims to bring color and life to Duluth’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, utilizing Anishinaabe symbolism to shed light on the city’s Indigenous history.

Watch the video
Read Brownbody


Artists develop the score to Tracing Sacred Steps, which Brownbody initially presented in April 2019 as a work-in-progress.

Watch the video
Read Catalyst Arts

Catalyst Arts

Artists form a collaborative on a Black/queer living & cultural experience in an RV while following their acting, writing and filmmaking dreams.

Watch the video
Read Don’t You Feel It Too?

Don’t You Feel It Too?

Don’t You Feel It Too? is a movement meditation practice, and part of our Art In This Present Moment series.

Watch the video
Read Gizhiigin Arts Incubator

Gizhiigin Arts Incubator

Artists Clyde Estey, Jr., and Kent Estey collaborate on a work reflective of their shared artistic upbringing in the White Earth Nation.

View the photos
Read about Indigenous Roots Mural

Indigenous Roots

A new mural in Saint Paul by Indigenous Roots and City Mischief Murals celebrates four Twin Cities multicultural women dancers and the strength, beauty & power we hold when uniting our communities together.

Watch the video
Read Million Artist Movement

Million Artist Movement

Million Artist Movement worked on two collaborative art projects – a quilt sourced from community and a project based around food sovereignty.

Watch the video
Read Monkeybear's Harmolodic Workshop

Monkeybear's Harmolodic Workshop

Artists created a shadow puppet piece to share narratives and stories from the uprising in the Twin Cities.

Watch the video
Read Penumbra Theatre

Penumbra Theatre

Penumbra company member Hannibal Lokumbe composed an original score for a video in tribute to George Floyd and all of the victims of state-sanctioned violence. Sarah Bellamy wrote the narrative and she and Lou Bellamy provide the voice overs.

Watch the video
Read Soomaal House of Art

Soomaal House of Art

This Minneapolis-based Somali artists’ collective supports a growing number of emerging and established Somali artists.

Learn More
Read TruArtSpeaks


TruArtSpeaks highlights the work of a dancer and ceramicist who center the Black experience in their art.

Watch the video
Read Walker West

Walker West

Walker West Music Academy worked with musician William E. Duncan to bring a new composition to life.

Watch the video



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