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What’s Your Giving Goal?


We can work with you and your attorney, accountant or financial advisor to help you define your charitable vision, then create a fund to make your charitable goals a reality.

Three Ways to Get Started


Give our gift planners a call at 651.224.5463 or email We can talk through any questions you have.


Have your wealth manager, tax attorney or other professional advisor reach out to us at 651.224.5463 or


If you would like to open a donor advised fund, you can start a fund today by completing our downloadable form.

Explore Donor Advised Funds

A Flexible and Efficient Way to Organize Your Giving

A donor advised fund, also called a DAF, is a simple tool to streamline your charitable giving.

A DAF provides you with the flexibility to donate many types of assets into your fund. You can then recommend grants from the fund to several different causes and organizations you care about. Start a donor advised fund with the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation with a minimum gift of $10,000.

You focus on giving — we handle all the accounting, legal and investment services.

Other Fund Types

Designated Funds

Designated funds provide long-term support to one or more charities that you name so that those organizations receive continued and reliable funding. You choose the nonprofits to support and we issue annual grants to those nonprofits — forever.

Each year, a percentage of the fund’s value will be automatically distributed to one or more nonprofits that you have preselected. The fund can receive contributions at any time. The nonprofits cannot be changed.

Minimum to Start: $25,000

Current Annual Distribution: 5%

Field of Interest Funds

Identify a charitable purpose (e.g., the arts, education) and/or a geographic area. We will find effective nonprofits and ensure that annual grants align with your intent.

Minimum to Start: $25,000

Current Annual Distribution: 5%

Unrestricted Funds

Make a permanent investment in the quality of life across the state. Every year, your legacy will make grants to worthy nonprofits addressing emerging and changing community needs.

Unrestricted funds provide the funding for our competitive grantmaking. See the nonprofits we fund.

Minimum to Start: $25,000

If you would like to learn more about these fund types or discuss which is best for your giving goals, get in touch with our experienced gift planners at 651.224.5463 or

If you’re interested in opening a fund with more than $250,000 and would like your professional advisor to manage its investments, you may be interested in our Individually Managed Fund option. Give us a call at 651.224.5463 to learn more.

Community foundation designated fundholders Ken and Nina

Meet Ken & Nina

Ken and Nina R. grew up during the Great Depression without much money. Later, Ken became a successful businessman while Nina worked in the public sector. Their experiences, combined with their longtime enjoyment of the arts, shaped their philanthropy, and they established three funds at the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation.

Through their donor advised fund, they support the community today, and their children will continue the family’s philanthropy. Through their designated funds, to be funded through their estate plan, they will continue to support several small nonprofits with annual gifts — forever.

Ready to Start a Fund?

Get in touch with our experienced gift planners at 651.224.5463 or to discuss your charitable giving plan.



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