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Think Back to Your Earliest Memory of Giving

It likely started when you were a child, and you witnessed an act of generosity that instilled a desire to help others. Or perhaps during your first volunteer experience, you realized how giving back feels good for you and the people you serve.

You know that the reasons people give are many - and the benefits are many too.

Making plans to give now or in the future is a way for you to make a lasting, positive impact on the places and causes you care about. It can also be a way to share your values with your children, grandchildren or other loved ones, and leave a legacy for years to come.

Like you, the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation is committed to turning generosity into impact. For over 80 years, we have partnered with donors to build a stronger Minnesota - one where all communities and people thrive.

Leaving a Legacy

Ray and Le S., foundation fundholders, Supporting Charitable Causes

Ray and Le S. have two sons and two grandchildren, all of whom embrace the spirit of giving that defines their family’s way of life.

Ray and Le worked with the Foundation to establish a charitable remainder trust, which allows them to extend their giving legacy beyond their lifetimes in support of their favorite causes.

Ray says, “I always like to tell people, if you want to be healthy, if you want to feel well, contribute. And it makes you smile more.”

Generosity for Generations

George and Judy M. have four children and nine grandchildren. Japanese heritage and family-centered gatherings inspire their generosity and help them direct their donor advised funds.

Each of the grandchildren, with their parents’ help, chooses a nonprofit to visit and support. Together, three generations learn about new causes and the people served, making each act of giving a personal one.

Seeing your values passed on to your kids and grandkids, finding ways to multiply the impact — as grandparents we can’t ask more.

Judy M., donor



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