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We seek to attract and retain talented colleagues with valuable experiences and insight, empower our highly skilled employees, and strengthen our culture of collaboration.

We Live Out Our Values

“I can’t express enough how impressed I am with how we live out our values as an organization and show up in communities around the state. I feel privileged to serve with a highly experienced team that is reflective of its stakeholders. The vibrancy of the organization keeps me energized to continue on the tradition of being community-centric!”

– Mai-Anh Tran, Associate Vice President of Philanthropic Services

Mai-Anh Tran Headshot

Our Culture of Collaboration

As part of our commitment to build and empower our staff, our teams engage in cross-functional and interdepartmental collaboration. Teams meet regularly to share updates, discuss changes and engage stakeholders. Each team has regular team meetings and retreats. Team retreats offer space for individuals to strengthen existing relationships to nourish collaboration.

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A Great Team

“I have been an employee of the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation since September of 2008.  I started as the Foundation’s receptionist, then was promoted to administrative assistant and finally, was promoted to grants administrator. During my time here, I’ve been treated with respect. 

I am proud to be a part of an organization that literally looks at what I can do well instead of what I can’t do well. The work I do is very fulfilling and having a great team of intelligent and amazing colleagues makes it even more fun and exciting to go to work every day. I feel so privileged.”

– Bridget Rosario Vega, grants administrator

Our Internal Commitment to Equity

Strengthened by a deeper understanding of the many facets of identity, we seek to dismantle the belief in a hierarchy of human value. We work toward a community and culture where everyone experiences justice and equity. 

As part of our commitment to equity, we host equity-oriented events and activities for our staff. These events empower our staff to individually and collectively grow toward our organizational value of committing to equity.

Our Benefits

We strive to provide a comprehensive and market-competitive benefits package to support the health and financial wellbeing of our staff.

To learn more, please review our benefits summary.

Equal Opportunity Employer

The Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is committed to hiring individuals who contribute to the cultural diversity of our workplace.



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