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Endowment Fund Management Services

Create Financial Stability for Your Nonprofit


A nonprofit endowment fund channels charitable gifts into a single investment fund that builds over time to provide a stable income stream for generations to come. Endowments are a great option for your donors to support your nonprofit’s long-term financial stability.

Consider establishing an endowment fund with the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation. Carefully managed by our expert endowment management team, your funds can grow your nonprofit’s stability and capacity.

Our Services for Nonprofit Endowment Fundholders

Managing Non-cash Gifts

Have you ever had someone try to donate soybeans to your organization? We have. Our team can assist your organization in structuring, accepting and managing complex gifts. We have experience with a wide range of non-cash assets, from securities and real estate to business interests and agricultural and other unique assets. View our blog post on how to develop a non-cash asset strategy for your nonprofit.

Giving Options that Work for Your Donors

Give your donors access to options that work for them. We can help you establish Charitable Remainder Trusts or Charitable Gift Annuities to benefit your organization and your donors. We work with one of the most well regarded and largest planned gift portfolios, TIAA Kaspick, to manage these funds.

Strategic Partnership

Consider us your new best friends. We get to know your organization inside and out. Our team can help you create a planned giving strategy and timeline for execution. We love to help organizations build their capacity and continue to inspire generosity.

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) Services

When your investment funds are established with the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation, we fulfill the OCIO role for your assets. Our Investments team pursues investment opportunities that incorporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) as well as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) measurements in our strategy — all while seeking to realize strong returns and minimize volatility.

Planning Giving Expertise

We can assist you with planned giving tools, support and expertise to help you turn your donors’ support for your work into a lasting legacy that will impact the community for generations to come. View our planned giving video series.

Workshops and Networking Opportunities

Give your leaders, staff and board members access to new planned giving ideas and best practices on a year-round basis. We offer several events a year for nonprofit fundholders, on topics from gift acceptance policies to planned giving.

Instead of putting such a large gift to use in one year, our board of directors wanted to see those dollars work forever, so they opened an endowment fund called the Forever Fund.

—Erin Shay, United Way of Northeastern Minnesota Executive Director

Talk to Our Team

Ready to explore endowment funds further? We can guide you through the process. Contact Director of Gift Planning Mariah Brook or Nonprofit Strategies Manager Elizabeth McCray.

Your Donors Can Support Your Endowment Fund in Many Ways

Our nonprofit endowment team will work with you to make sure your nonprofit gets the most out of the resources that donors have entrusted to your organization.

Create a charitable remainder trust

A charitable remainder trust allows donors to make a charitable gift, receive income throughout their lifetime and possibly benefit from tax deduction or reduction of capital gains tax. They can also choose a second person (e.g., spouse, partner, friend) to receive lifetime income, before the remaining funds support their favorite nonprofits. See how nonprofits can benefit from charitable remainder trusts.

Invest in a charitable gift annuity

We will work with your organization to ensure that in return for each gift, donors receive a guaranteed, fixed income for life at a rate that is higher than that of a savings account or certificate of deposit. Read our blog post on promoting charitable gift annuities.

Establish a designated fund

Designated funds provide long-term support so that your organization receives continued and reliable funding. Designated funds ensure that each gift has maximum impact. See all fund options below.

Make a planned gift through their will

Donors can easily make a gift through their will. This kind of gift “costs” them nothing during their lifetimes, but has the potential to impact the community forever.

We were really impressed by the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation’s expertise and the desire to help small nonprofits succeed in growing their endowments.

—Jennifer Downham, Minneapolis Parks Foundation, Chief Development Officer

Nonprofit Fund Options

Each situation is unique, so we offer different types of funds to meet your organization's needs. Please reach out to Nonprofit Strategies Manager Beth McCray or Director of Gift Planning Mariah Brook to discuss your fund options.

Nonprofit Endowment Funds
Nonprofit Endowment Funds

These funds use charitable gifts to build an investment designed for growth. The endowment’s earnings flow back to your nonprofit as stable annual income.

Classic Endowment Fund

Minimum Fund Size: $25,000

Assets are permanently held by the Foundation.

Endowment Fund With Exceptions

Minimum Fund Size: $250,000

The nonprofit board may retain the right to request to terminate the fund and request the return of the assets and/or request additional amounts above the spending policy set by the board of the Foundation.

Nonprofit Provisional Funds
Nonprofit Provisional Funds

This type of fund is a simple and effective way to take advantage of our professional investment services while building a robust short-to-mid-range funding source, ideal for operating reserves.

Minimum Fund Size: $50,000

Funds can be used when and how your nonprofit sees fit; they remain secure, under our stewardship, until an organization needs them.

Designated Funds
Designated Funds

These investments are initiated by donors to benefit one or more nonprofits or educational institutions. Designated funds provide long-term support so that your organization receives continued and reliable funding. Designated funds ensure that each gift has maximum impact.

Minimum Fund Size: $25,000

Assets are permanently held by the Foundation.

Endowment Spending Policy Summary

The Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation has adopted a long-term investment strategy and a method for distribution from permanent endowment funds, known as our spending policy. The spending policy defines our procedure for calculating the amount to be distributed each year for endowed funds.

Meet Your Nonprofit Endowment Team

Our nonprofit endowment and planned giving specialists are ready to help you generate earnings for your organization now, and for years to come. Get to know the team passionate about helping organizations grow and thrive.

Reach out to us to start the conversation today. We’re available by phone, in person or via email and can work with you to develop a plan that’s right for your organization.

Mariah Brook
Mariah Brook

Director of Gift Planning


Elizabeth McCray
Elizabeth McCray

Nonprofit Strategies Manager




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