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Dudley Edmondson is best known for photography depicting his love for nature, but for his most recent project, he decided to take on a human subject, Walter Griffin.

Like Dudley, Walter is also a photographer, who has had a long history capturing jazz musicians, cityscapes, cultural shifting events and dancers. Dudley and Walter have long been cycling buddies. In his documentary, Dudley highlights Walter’s work, travels and life as a visual storyteller.

“I think of storytelling kind of like a Rubik's cube, and you get these pieces and you have to figure out how to put them together in just the right way so that they become entertaining and engaging to other people and at the same time respectful of the storyteller,” Dudley said.

The Artist

Dudley Edmondson - filmmaker, photographer, writer and public speaker

About the Organization

The project was created in partnership with the Duluth Art Institute that has been providing arts programming to Duluth and the surrounding region for more than 112 years. The institute strives to enrich the daily lives of its community with dynamic innovative visual arts programming that upholds excellence and promotes inclusive community participation.

An end product for this project would be something that inspires people to live their best life.

Dudley Edmondson

Art In This Present Moment

This project is part of Art in This Present Moment, an initiative of the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation. We provided grants to three Minnesota-based nonprofit organizations to fund work by BIPOC artists who are changing and challenging dominant narratives through their craft.

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