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Learn how Connie Roehrich plans to support her favorite causes with a future fund.

Becoming a donor with the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation is not limited to only those who are positioned to give today. Our community of donors includes many people and families who are working with their philanthropic advisors to think about the impact they want to make in the future.

The most common type of planned gift without opening a fund is a bequest. It can be done by either leaving an organization as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, an IRA account or a retirement account in your will and testament.

A bequest can be made directly to a nonprofit or an intermediary such as the Foundation. If you choose to partner with the Foundation, we will work with you to steward your giving endeavors by providing you with access to information and events tailored to your goals.

Other planned giving options include opening a charitable gift annuity, charitable remainder trust, charitable lead trust or future fund.

Donor Profile: How Connie Planned her Future Gift

Connie Roehrich is an active woman with a unique career past. For years she worked as a probation officer at the county, state and federal level in Minnesota. In 1989, she became the first woman to run a men’s prison in Minnesota.

During her time as warden of the women’s prison in Shakopee, she learned about a program out of California that allowed those currently imprisoned to train service dogs for individuals with disabilities. With support from Can Do Canines out of New Hope, she was able to bring that program there. When Connie moved as Warden to the medium security men's prison at Faribault, Can Do Canines was invited to bring a dog training program to that facility and it was highly thought of by imprisoned individuals and staff that managed the living unit where dogs resided.

Every week a staff person from Can Do Canines came in to teach the imprisoned participants how to do the training starting with dogs at 10 weeks old. Doing this gave the participants purpose. They loved the dogs.

Connie Roehrich

Connie Roehrich with Can Do Canines dog, Pretzel.
Connie Roehrich with Can Do Canines dog, Pretzel.

Since retiring, Connie continues to be involved with Can Do Canines, first as volunteer caregiver for dogs before going to their new homes and now as a member of their board.

“I have probably had 15-20 dogs come through the house over the years,” said Connie. “My partner Jim and I have had dogs for as short as three weeks and as long as nine months. I love this program. At different times throughout the year we can have a dog.”

Dogs are one of many causes Connie is passionate about.

Knowing that she wanted to make an impact on issues that became prevalent to her as a person in corrections, Connie reached out to her CPA Don McCall for help.

With his support, the retired prison warden decided the best way to support her favorite causes was to establish a future designated fund with the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation that will be financed by her will.

Connie knew she had made the right decision partnering with the Foundation after learning more about our personal approach. Being able to meet often with her philanthropic advisor has allowed Connie to amend one of the designations in her future fund.

I wouldn't go to some great big company out of New York that has no connection to me or to what I believe in. I'd rather go with somebody local, where we have coffee. That makes more sense to me than going with some big national group.

Connie Roehrich

With that fund Connie plans to support three specific organizations: Nature Conservancy, Planned Parenthood and WomenVenture. Each of these organizations are near and dear to her for different reasons.

Support of the Nature Conservancy stems from Connie’s deep love for the outdoors. During the summer she can be found biking, kayaking, canoeing or sailing on her new boat, while in the winter Connie enjoys cross country skiing in Brainerd and snowshoeing on Lake Mille Lacs.

As for Planned Parenthood and WomenVenture, Connie’s passion grew during her time as a warden at the Shakopee Women’s Prison.

“When I was the warden at the women's prison in Shakopee I saw first hand that many of the women didn’t have a lot of positive things going on in their lives, which inspired me to get involved in women’s issues,” said Connie. “I knew WomenVenture was helping women get started in business and economic success, something many inmates knew nothing about.”

Planned Parenthood has been an organization that Connie has supported for years. Even though she plans to support the organization through her future fund, she still sends donations to it on a monthly basis.

“I think that it's a service that a lot of women could use if they have money, or if you don't have money,” Connie said. “I'm concerned about what's happening in the world, specifically in the United States, so I am supporting Planned Parenthood every month.”

Benefits of Partnering with the Foundation

Upon Connie’s passing, the Foundation will activate the fund and issue annual grants to the three nonprofits listed in her fund agreement.

“When you're no longer here, a community foundation, such as the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation, can be a wonderful partner to steward your giving because we care about the things you care about and will continue to do the work that you were doing during your lifetime after your lifetime,” said Senior Vice President of Philanthropic Services Jeremy Wells.

Partnering with us for your giving now or in the future allows people to take advantage of our many donor benefits, including exclusive learning opportunities through our Giving+Together event series.

If you are considering making planned giving part of your legacy, contact a gift planner today.

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