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Learn how fundholders Curt & Timm are using their donor advised fund to make an impact on youth and families.

Supporting the lives of children and single parents has played a tremendous role in Curt and Timm’s giving.

Since 9/11 the couple has made volunteering a major part of their philanthropy. When Curt became a realtor, the couple had a new opportunity to dedicate their time and dollars to issues and organizations that often impact communities with unique needs, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters.

We don't have kids so it has been our vision to donate to organizations that support children or single parents with kids, helping to get them into housing and schools.


Being Big Brothers Big Sisters mentors helped them realize just how much mentorship can change the trajectory of a child’s life. This experience inspired the couple to seek other opportunities to give. One of those opportunities includes supporting Aeon, which helps provide individuals with affordable rental housing.

“Aeon directly supports individual families and people in the concept of more affordable housing, significantly impacting the greater community as far as providing places for people to live and employment, which ultimately helps to create a vibrant economy,” Curt said.

Benefits of Working with the Foundation

As donor advised fund (DAF) holders, Curt and Timm work with Aurea Gerard, Director of Philanthropic Advising and their philanthropic advisor, to make sound investment choices for their DAF, as they direct their fund to the charitable causes they are excited about.

I think secure giving would be the biggest benefit of working with the Foundation. If you know nothing about an organization but you feel like you want to give to them, our advisor Aurea will do a check and balance on that organization to see if it is a fit for our support.


The couple appreciates that there’s an ease in working with the Foundation to carry out their charitable giving. They know that with just a phone call to Aurea or attending the Foundation’s Giving+Together events, they can get recommendations on new ways to make an impact on their community.

“It’s fun at the first of the year to know how much money is in our fund for us to direct so we can do our planning,” Curt said. “As we’ve gotten older and our community has gotten older we have asked to join tables and participate in different fundraising activities much more. It’s nice to be able to know that we’re going to be giving this year or next year.”

Value of Partnering with a Community Foundation

Their DAF was initially established by Curt’s father and his second wife as a way to support causes they cared about, including Curt and his father’s alma mater.

“My father was an insurance person, sold a lot of annuities, so I’m sure the Foundation met his criteria,” said Curt. “My dad said ‘there’s a huge amount of money out there that could be gifted to Carleton College that isn’t being gifted because they don’t know the way to do it,’ so he put the wheels in motion to donate on behalf of his class.”

Since his father’s death Curt has become an advisor of the fund, sharing responsibilities for it with his father’s second wife. Knowing that their fund is in good hands with the Foundation has allowed Curt and Timm the time to find the joy and fun in giving, something they hope will continue to be a part of their legacy.

To learn how other donors have made a difference, take a look at our 2022 Donor Impact Report.

Fundholders Curt and Timm in the kitchen
Timm scratching Shylo's chin while Curt looks on
Fundholders Timm and Curt standing outside
Timm sitting in a chair by a fireplace with a book open on his lap

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