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Caroline and her philanthropic advisor Aurea share the joys of working together to achieve Caroline's charitable goals.

Donor advised fundholder Caroline built a special connection with her philanthropic advisor Aurea Gerard from their very first meeting. Aurea, the Foundation's director of Philanthropic Services, helps Caroline live out her philanthropic hopes and dreams.

They share the joys of working with each other in the video below.

“We just felt an immediate connection with each other,” Caroline says. “And then I told her some of my hopes and dreams for our donor advised fund, and how I’d like to work with it and get to know some nonprofits that are in the community that I might not know about.”

Aurea adds, “One piece to my job is to make sure I’m helping the donors live out their philanthropic goals, and I feel like with Caroline, I am, because she includes me in on what she’s thinking about and what she wants to do, so I can help her get to that.”

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