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East Metro Pulse

East Metro Pulse Volume 3 Cover

East Metro Pulse is a biennial survey and report that measures community vitality in the Twin Cities East Metro.

We want to learn more about the strengths and challenges facing our community. But the way a community functions is more nuanced than numerical.

East Metro Pulse helps us shape the narrative of the East Metro. The story begins with our survey of Dakota, Ramsey and Washington County residents, conducted by Wilder Research. It culminates with reporting that weaves together the insights gained from the community with highlights of our initiatives, partnerships and grants.

The East Metro Pulse report provides valuable data on the health and vitality of the East Metro and ensures that our nonprofit partners, community leaders, policymakers and others have access to comprehensive and meaningful data about the region.

Volume 3 Available Now

Interactive Data Book

Use the interactive data book to view, filter and download survey results.

Interact With the Data

Dig deeper into the data from our 2021 survey with a full listing of all survey responses.

Download the Data Book

Data Insights


East Metro residents feel the impact of COVID-19 in different ways.

See the COVID-19 report

Fewer residents faced obstacles to employment in 2021 than 2018.

See the Employment report

Access to high quality education varies for East Metro residents.

See the Education report
Fair Treatment
Fair Treatment

Residents' trust in institutions to treat people of all races and ethnicities fairly varies.

See the Fair Treatment report
Critical Issues
Critical Issues

Residents in the East Metro identified a variety of issues that are most critical to the region.

See the Critical Issues report

Frequently Asked Questions


What is East Metro Pulse?
East Metro Pulse is a community perception survey of Dakota, Ramsey and Washington County residents commissioned by the Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation and conducted by Wilder Research. We ask East Metro residents how they feel about community connectedness, economic opportunity and security, education and much more. Data collected through East Metro Pulse will be used to help our neighbors, leaders and policymakers better understand the state of the East Metro.

What does the Foundation hope to learn from this survey?
We are interested in a wide range of issues that affect the daily lives of East Metro residents. We hope our survey will help us learn about everything from poverty to education, transportation to food security, arts and culture to health and more.


Why do we need the public’s help?
We want to make our community stronger. That wouldn’t be possible without the input of people like you, and your friends and neighbors. Community members are the best people to tell us what is working and what is not. Your opinions will shape the conversations our leaders and policy makers have about the East Metro. We want those conversations to be about the issues that you care about the most.


Where can I find East Metro Pulse?
East Metro Pulse reports and data books and are available for download on this webpage. The interactive data book is also available on this website.

How will you use what you have learned from the survey and report?
East Metro Pulse provides valuable data and information on how the East Metro is doing and ensures that grant seekers, community leaders, policymakers and others have access to comprehensive and meaningful data about the region. The results of East Metro Pulse will help the Foundation, and our neighbors in the East Metro and throughout Minnesota, have a better understanding of our community’s strengths and opportunities for growth.

Volume 2 Report

Take a look at a sampling of data revealed by our 2018 survey.

Download the Report

Volume 2 Data Book

Dig deeper into the data with a full listing of all survey responses.

Download the Data Book

Volume 1 Report

See highlights from our 2016 East Metro Pulse Survey.

Download the Survey Highlights

Volume 1 Data Book

View full survey responses from our 2016 East Metro Pulse survey.

Download the Data Book

Highlights from East Metro Pulse Volume 3



East Metro residents responded to the household survey



Over 20,000 data points available in the data book



Think of the East Metro as a place where they belong

Data for Your Community

What could East Metro Pulse mean for your community? How could this resource impact your work? Contact Director of Learning Stephanie Peterson to learn more.



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